Masterclass in Biology - Dr. NK Sharma


Masterclass in Biology is the first audio-based question bank for NEET students. Dr. NK Sharma has designed questions and audio solutions to help students CRACK 340+ in Biology in NEET exam.  

Salient Features of the course:

  • Practice 6000+ questions with AUDIO SOLUTIONS for all 38 chapters in NEET Biology syllabus.
  • Develop conceptual understanding: Questions organized in sections (Past Year, Understanding NCERT & Mastering NCERT).
  • Quick Revision: audio solutions contain discussion on related concepts and questions to help you revise
  • Retention: 60+ Daily tests (90 questions each covering all 38 chapters of Biology)
  • We reward students who do exceptionally well in NEET exam and get top ranks in top 1000!! Details
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Masterclass in Biology
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